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Monday, 9 May 2011

Just for fun....: About Taunsa Sharif

Just for fun....: About Taunsa Sharif: "Taunsa Sharif تونسه شريف [tɵnsə ʃəˈrɪːf] , or Taunsa , is a Tehsil (subdivision) of Dera Ghazi Khan District in the Punjab province..."

About Taunsa Sharif

Taunsa Sharif تونسه شريف [tɵnsə ʃəˈrɪːf], or Taunsa, is a Tehsil (subdivision) of Dera Ghazi Khan District in the Punjab province of Pakistan. The town of Taunsa Sharif is the headquarters of the tehsil.[1] The town contains important Sufi shrines, the most notable is that of Khwajah Shah Suleman


Taunsa Sharif Reason behind name "Taunsa" is; It is derived from a Arabic word "tauns" meaning "thirst"; water level of taunsa is down and it is situated on Side Of "SANGHAR". TAUNS became TAUNSA and postfix of "Sharif" was used when Khawaja Shah Suleman settled in the town and buried there, so the town is called Taunsa Sharif.

Unan E Sagheer

The Students of Taunsa are very famous in Pakistan. They are studying all over the Pakistan and also in other countries, Every year 1500 students get admission in different Universities of Pakistan in different fields. So Taunsa is also called "Unan E Saghier"


Taunsa Sharif is located on the Karachi-Peshawar Highway which is also known as Indus highway, it is approximately 975 km from Karachi and 600 km from Lahore. It is located at 30°41'60N 70°39'0E lying west of the Indus River with an altitude of 157 metres (518)tounsa sharif is so famouse in saraiki peoples and the beutifull place like the main qalma chowk of the tounsa sharif..[2] Taunsa is also the location of one of the notable structures on the Indus River called Taunsa Barrage, located several kilometres south of Taunsa city.


  • Jamaat-i-Islami
  • PPP
  • Muslim League [Q]
  • Muslim League [N]
  • Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam
  • Pakistan Tehreek E Insaaf PTI

Taunsa Barrage

Taunsa Barrage is located 20 km southeast of Taunsa Sharif city on the Indus river in the Punjabprovince of Pakistan. Taunsa Barrage was designated a Ramsar site on March 22, 1996. The Taunsa Barrage was completed in 1958, and it has been identified as the barrage with the highest priority for rehabilitation. It requires urgent measures to avoid severe economic and social impacts on the lives of millions of poor farmers through interruption of irrigation on two million acres (8,000 km²) and drinking water in the rural areas of southern Punjab, benefiting several million farmers. In 2003, the World Bankapproved a $123 million loan to Pakistan to rehabilitate the Taunsa Barrage on the River Indus whose structure had been damaged owing to soil erosions and old-age. The project was designed to ensure irrigation of the cultivated lands in the area of the Muzaffargarh[3] and Dera Ghazi Khan Tehsil[4]canals, and through the Taunsa-Panjnad Link Canal that supplements the water supply to Panjnadheadworks canals. it is also known mini yunan by khawar


Taunsa is primarily a town of Saraiki speaking people. However, there is an increasing number of Baluch tribes who have migrated from mountains of Balochistan. They have a significant impact on the economy and society of the town.The Miana family of Tibbi Qaisrani[(Taunsa Sharif)Dera Ghazi Khan]they belong from KHAN family they are third Genration of Khurshid Ahmad Khan (founder of khan gen),they comes from Afghanistan with Sher Shar Souri and satteled near Koh-Suleman and indus river.and their root genration are Khitran,Jafars,(Reference from The Pathans)
The Shirani, a collection of Pashtun tribes, migrated from Barkhan Balochistan to Taunsa. Khawaja Shah Suleman came from Darug Balochistan. Baloch tribes including theNutkaniRindmalghaniLalwani Buzdar Sakhani Malkani QaisraniLashari Mirani Nasuha Khetran KhosaLund (tribe)Kulachiand Bangolani (Bughlani)Langaah (Urdu: لنگاہ), DastI chajra Tangwani[citation needed]


Taunsa has two Cultures: Balochi and Saraiki but both cultures are same because Saraiki is language of some baloch people and commonly speaks SIBI. JAFRABAD. JACOKABAD. RAJANPUR & DG KHAN, DERA ISMAIL KHAN MULTAN BHAWALPUR.

Parks and gardens

Kamal Park Taunsa.. Shah Sulman Park Taunsa.. City Park Taunsa


Pearl Grammar Public School . Govet College [boys & girls] Taunsa Sharif Govet high School [boys & girls] Taunsa Sharif,STAR College of commerce and Technology, TIMES College, Sir Syed College, Shah Sulman College, Abu Al Qasim college, Tameer e Nau Acadmy, Zakria Academy, The Educaters School, The Country School, Allama iqbal College, Quaid E Azam College, Garision high school, city school And Perfect higher secondary school.


Cricket, Football, Kabadi and Vollyball

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